teradata telephonic interview experience,hyderabad

On 12 Jul 2016 @ 10.30 AM telephonic interview has been scheduled for teradata by Anjali from mumbai.

Got call exactly at 10.30 as per scheduled.Interviewer name is Mr. Murali. It continued for 30 minutes.
Teradata Telephonic interview:
1.restricting number of fields required in restfull service.
2.what are the pre requisites to call restfull service.
3.How you convert the json data comming from restfull service to pojo class object.(serialization/deserialization)

4.If you want to use an object as hashmap key what are the pre-requisites.
5.What is the purpose of over riding hashmap object.
6.When there are collection of employees as list and if you want to sort them based on their name and then based on their salary,how you do.
7.What are the design patterns you know other than regular ones like mvc,singleton,dao
8.I have a shopping cort application and shipping agent is one application in that.If i want to change shipping agent suddenly with minimum changes in existing code. which design pattern would be better.
9.I have logger, and i logged the ip address of the client machine when user first logged into application.Same logger would be used to log all other operations also.So at the end how can you find from where application is accessing more.(from which ip it is comming).
10. Do you worked on hibernate.? I said i donnot have much exposure in hibernate.So he skipped asking questions on it.