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Java Developer interview experience in menlo technologies , Hyderabad

Following are the interview questions asked by Mr Srikanth in menlo technologies in 3rd round. I am unable to recollect questions from 1st and 2nd rounds.
1.Tell me about your self?
2.What is your current project?
3.What is IOT and Thermostat,how they communicate?
4.Which version of java using,what is the difference between java 5 and java 7?
5.What is the use of Generics?
6.Consider there is a table called employee like following
id name sal
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Attended Interview with Cognizant for MSBI opening. July 2015

Attended Interview with Cognizant for MSBI opening.
CTS conducted only two rounds of interview i.e. Technical and HR.

  1. Difference between synchronous and asynchronous transformations.

  2. How do you deploy packages in your current projects?

  3. Difference between 2008 deployment and 2012 deployment?

  4. Difference between script component and script task in ssis?

  5. Different type of logging mechanisms in SSIS?
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Focal CMX interview experience on August 12,2016

On 12 august 2016 @3.00 pm face to face interview has been scheduled for Focal CMX by Ranjith from Hyderabad.I went to Focal CMX on 2:30 and front office guy informed HR about my arrival to concern HR, She’s name is Anjali. She took my CV and after 5 minutes she come back with an communication test paper and then interview started as follows.
Focal CMX interview process:
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center for good governance java interview experience

i attended java developer interview in CGG(Center for good governanace) Hyderabad,
I applied through a job portal,They scheduled interview on saturday.I will share my interview experience it will be helpfull for some one who attend interview in CGG.

1. Tell me about yourself.?
Ans: I am swapna,Working from past threee years in Son...Read More