saven technologies java interview experience, hyderabad

I attend interview on Aug 2nd, 2015 in saven technologies,Hyderabad.This is a walking i have seen in monster. Following are the interview questions
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. what is your role in your project?
3.Interviewer asked how good you are in core java?
4.What are collections in java?How we maintain the before collections?He expected brief explanation?
5.How we can handle exceptions in java?
6.Difference between throw and throws?
7.Write a run time user defined exception?He asked to write down the code?
8.What is single tone class and he asked me to write down the code.?
9.Difference between Array List and Linked List?He expected scenario where you go for each.?
10.Why should we override hashCode method when we override equals method.?
11.What are the interfaces you know in Collections.
12.Any connection pooling you are using.?