ADP Pvt. Ltd. java developer interview experience,hyderabad

HNS Solutions consultancy scheduled interview on 18-Aug-2016
Mr. Rajesh Interviewed for 1st round.
1. A file has employee information like following
empno ename deptno
1001 ramu 10
1002 raghu 20
1003 ramesh 70
Write a java program to read from that file and return a hashmap with department no and list of employeess in that department.
2. Write a java program to accept following general language and perform the operation.
add 10 and 20 —-> it should return 30 as output
substract 20 from 30 —> it should return 10 as output
multiply 10 and 20 —> It should return 200 as output
divide 10 by 2 —> It should return 5 as output
3. Write as stateless session bean in EJB.
4. Write a javascript function to read from the rest full service for every 5 seconds and update the content in front end component.
5. Write hibernate configuration and mappitng file and hibernate code to store employee details and hist department details.Draw tables and their relation along with that.
6. How you create indexes in database.?
7. Write a small pl/sql procedure to add two variables.
8. Write a jdbc code to call the above procedure.
9. Write a multi threading program to read from files which are there in different folders.
10. Asked inner join query on emp and dept table and then questions on all joins.
11. Write restfull webservice which returns user details,To update user details and to delete user details.
12. Write a flow how spring mvc application works from web.xml to controller.
2nd Round:(Manager round)
1. When we use EJB.
2. Can two servlets communicate when deployed in two environments.(servers)?
3. In the answer i said we can use ejb for transactional management.So he asked what is transaction.?
4. As follow up question he asked what are ACID properties.?
5. Why you are leaving your organization,?
6. What is the fastest data structure.?
7. How many years you will work in ADP.?

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