valuelabs java interview experience,hyderabad

Mr Ganesh from Value labs scheduled interview on 27-Aug-2016.
Around 20 members came for java developer interview for experienced persons.
Only 1 technical round happend on that day.
Following are the questions asked in the interview.
1. What is the difference between List,ArrayList and LinkedList.?
2. What is the difference between Set,HashSet and TreeSet.
3. What is the difference between class variables and instance variables
4. What is static in java and why we need it.?
5. Shall we override static methos in java.?
6. If you override static method what will happen.?
7. What is serialization and what is the use of it.?
8. What is synchronization and what is the use of it.?
9. How you lock the object.?
10. What is the use of interface.?
11. What is the difference between abstract class and interface.?
12. When you use abstract class.?
13. What are life cycle methods of servlet.?
14. Shall we write code in init and destroy methods?
15. How you write code into init and destroy methods through jsp.?
16. What is request dispatcher.?
17. What is the difference between forward and sendRedirect.?
18. What are implicit objects of jps.?
19. What is singleton class in java.
20. How you implement singleton desing patter in spring.
21. What is the difference between datasoruce and connection pooling.?
22. What you configured in weblogic console other than datasource. I said JMS.?
23. what is the difference between queue and topic.?
24. What is the difference betweena session and sessionFactory in hibernate.?
25. If you close the sessionFactory with out closing session what will happen.?
valuelabs project manager round interview questions:
After 3 days of 1st round they asked me to come for 2nd round on one working day.
2nd round was more about project and nature of work you do.Your roles and responciblities in the project.
He asked some technicla questions also
1. What are the design patterns you know and you are using.?
2. What is MVC pattern and relate your project with MVC.?
3. What is singleton design pattern and where you used in your project.?
4. What is the need of static members in class.?
5. Shall we override static methods.? If not why.? If yes how.?
Later he asked if I have any questions ,I asked about project and domain details.
I cleared interview but rejected the offer because of less pay.