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Java developer interview experience in DBS, Hyderabad

Interview scheduled by consultency(Shell infotech) on 25th June 2016. Before this interview one telephonic round was there by dbs technical person.

Telephonic Interview:

1. What is volatile in java.?What is the use of it.?
2. What is tranient in java.?What is the use of it.?
3. What is native in java.?What is the use of it.?
After these questions some one
disturnbed him and asked to wait for few minutes but no call immediately.?<...Read More

A Java developer interview experience in ADP, Hyderabad

Mr Sainath from H2H Solutions scheduled interview in Dec 2016 in ADP, kondapur ,Hyderabad for java developer position. My contact position was Mr Jobin.
Following is my interview experience with ADP.I feel it is useful to the people who are going for ADP interview or other product based companies like ADP. Same questions may not repeat but you can estimate their expectation and then prepare accordingly.
Round 1: F2F
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object locking in java with realtime bathroom example

Assuming you know how to declare synchronized method. Going to discuss how object level locking works.

When there are two synchronized methods in one class, is it possible to execute them simultaneously by two different threads? The answer is, No. It is not possible .Because locking occurs at object level. The one who got the first chance have to release the lock to another one. He can execute the two methods simultaneously but until he releases the lock no one can execute these metho...Read More

oops basic questions Part-4

Constructors must have the same name of the class and cannot have a return type. They are called only once, while regular methods can be called whenever required. We cannot explicitly call a constructor.

How can you call a constructor from another constructor?
By using this() reference.
How can you call the constructor of super class?
By using super() syntax.
What is constructor chaining?

When...Read More

oops basic questions Part-3

What is final?

A final is a keyword in java. If final keyword is applied to a variable, then the variable will become a constant. If it applied to method, sub classes cannot override the method. If final keyword is applied to a class we cannot extend from that class.

What is a method?
Methods are used to perform some task.
Methods manipulate the data.
Methods may change the sate of an Object.
Methods returns a values at...Read More

oops basic questions Part-2

What is polymorphism?
It is the ability of an object to behave differently on different situations for the same message.
What is inheritance?
Inheritance is process of create new classes from existing classes.New classes inherits the properties of existing class the inherited class is called super class and the inherited class is called sub class.
It is useful to reuse existing code.
What are the drawbacks of inheritance?
Since inheritance inheri...Read More

oops basic questions Part -1

What is an Object?
An Object is a real world entity. An Object has a state and behavior.
A Software object is an instance of a class.
And the sate of an object is represented with variables and the behavior of an object is represented with methods.
Why Java is not fully objective oriented?
Due to the use of primitives in java, which are not objects?
What is a class?
A Class is model; A Clas...Read More

Java developer interview experience in Oracle india, Hyderabad

Himabindu scheduled interview in oracle India, Hyderabad. They were looking for strong core java developers to build their own product ADF. To crack the interview you have to solve many logical questions and algorithms,data structures. They will give enough time to write the code. In my case one person came and given 4 programs and asked to write code. In the middle he is coming and asking the logic how you are implementing. Some times they will give clues to solve the same.Following are the...Read More

java developer interview experience in JP Morgan ,Hyderabad

Mr. Harshavardhan scheduled interview in jp morgan,hyderabad.
Around 100 people came for interview on that day.
If you are going for interview be prepared to spend enough time.
Written test itself takes 1-2 hours. After written two technical rounds and 1 hr round will be there.
You need not to write exact answer for written test java questions but your approach should be valid.
You have to write exact answer for SQL question otherwise they don't consider you for nex...Read More

Java Developer interview experience in menlo technologies , Hyderabad

Following are the interview questions asked by Mr Srikanth in menlo technologies in 3rd round. I am unable to recollect questions from 1st and 2nd rounds.
1.Tell me about your self?
2.What is your current project?
3.What is IOT and Thermostat,how they communicate?
4.Which version of java using,what is the difference between java 5 and java 7?
5.What is the use of Generics?
6.Consider there is a table called employee like following
id name sal
1...Read More

valuelabs java interview experience,hyderabad

Mr Ganesh from Value labs scheduled interview on 27-Aug-2016.
Around 20 members came for java developer interview for experienced persons.
Only 1 technical round happend on that day.
Following are the questions asked in the interview.
1. What is the difference between List,ArrayList and LinkedList.?
2. What is the difference between Set,HashSet and TreeSet.
3. What is the difference between class variables and instance variables
4. What is static in java...Read More

Phenom People java interview experience,Hyderabad

HR Mr Ranjith scheduled interview on week day. 1st round by Mr Shiva ———- 1. What is diamond problem in java.? 2. How can we overcome it in java.? 3. How you are achieving security in java.? 4. How ldap is secure.?
...Read More

Java F2F interview experience with Intellect arena(A Polaris Group Co.),Hyderabad 20 August 2016

Udita Haldar from Huntsmen & Barons consultancy has scheduled f2f interview with Intellect Design in Hyderabad on 20 Auguest 2016 at 12:00 PM. I have reached the venue at 11:45 PM and i have given my resume to HR person and they said to wait in conference all,after entering into the conference hall i shocked there around 100 people are there. Frankly speaking the interview process is very slow. After a long wait, my name have called by HR for first round at 6:00...Read More

Java Telephonic interview experience with Virtusa-Polaris,hyderabad August20, 2016

Himanshu Chaudhary from TAG-Intellect Resource consultancy has scheduled the telephonic interview with Virtusa-Polaris on August 20,2016 at 9:30 AM. I got call from Virtusa-Polaris HR person at 9:38 AM and he asked me to hold online meanwhile he connected to the concern technical deportment and after introducing each other he(His name is Ravi) asked me to rate on java, Jsp, Servlets, Multithreading and spring.The interview as follows…. HNS Solutions consultancy scheduled interview on 18-Aug-2016
Mr. Rajesh Interviewed for 1st round.
1. A file has employee information like following
empno ename deptno
1001 ramu 10
1002 raghu 20
1003 ramesh...Read More

Attended Interview with Cognizant for MSBI opening. July 2015

Attended Interview with Cognizant for MSBI opening.
CTS conducted only two rounds of interview i.e. Technical and HR.

  1. Difference between synchronous and asynchronous transformations.

  2. How do you deploy packages in your current projects?

  3. Difference between 2008 deployment and 2012 deployment?

  4. Difference between script component and script task in ssis?

  5. Different type of logging mechanisms in SSIS?
  6. ...Read More

Focal CMX interview experience on August 12,2016

On 12 august 2016 @3.00 pm face to face interview has been scheduled for Focal CMX by Ranjith from Hyderabad.I went to Focal CMX on 2:30 and front office guy informed HR about my arrival to concern HR, She’s name is Anjali. She took my CV and after 5 minutes she come back with an communication test paper and then interview started as follows.
Focal CMX interview process:
1....Read More

java developer interview experience in JP Morgan Chase,Hyderabad,India

Attended interview in jp morgan chase,Hyderabad for java developer position on 07-June-2016.

HR Mr Harshavardhan called and scheduled interview.He told me that it is f2f but it was written test with two questions.
one is sql question and one more is java question.
Questions 1. Implement a cache application in java. Which stores s...Read More

teradata telephonic interview experience,hyderabad

On 12 Jul 2016 @ 10.30 AM telephonic interview has been scheduled for teradata by Anjali from mumbai.

Got call exactly at 10.30 as per scheduled.Interviewer name is Mr. Murali. It continued for 30 minutes.
Teradata Telephonic interview:
1.restricting number of fields required in restfull service.
Got call from HR.Mr Vaibhav. First technical round scheduled on 18-June-2016 12:00 PM but because i have interview in ADP India.
I requested HR to re-schedule the interivew to 2:00 PM.

Mr Rajeshkar has taken my first round. He is very cool.
1. Do you know how to do quick sort.? EXpected algorithm or logic.
...Read More

Java Developer interview experience in ADP Indiaa

Interview scheduled by IKya global at ADP India in Kondapur on 18-June-2016.
1st round was written test.It has three java and hibernate programs.
1. How can you get n highest salaried emplyees from a list of employees.
Assuem there is a table in backend named EMP.Assume there is salary column in the employee object.
...Read More

java interview experience in oracle india ,hyderabad

I got call from Oracle for F2F interview on 30th April 2016. I have attended the interview . Two persons did interview, below questions are I have faced during interview time.
1.Tell me about your self this is regular question.
2.How much rating you can give on core java for your self(1-10)
3.How will create immutable class in java....Read More

agile CRM java interview experience,Hyderabad

I got a mail from HR,her name is Mousmi Roy asking my availability for in-person discussion for the position of software engineer.

I replyed by mentioning my available time.They scheduled interview on 27-Apr-2016 at 10:30 AM.

Un expectedly they conducted written test.They didn’t mentioned about written test in the mail.
W...Read More

center for good governance java interview experience

i attended java developer interview in CGG(Center for good governanace) Hyderabad,
I applied through a job portal,They scheduled interview on saturday.I will share my interview experience it will be helpfull for some one who attend interview in CGG.

1. Tell me about yourself.?
Ans: I am swapna,Working from past threee years in Son...Read More

saven technologies java interview experience, hyderabad

I attend interview on Aug 2nd, 2015 in saven technologies,Hyderabad.This is a walking i have seen in monster. Following are the interview questions
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. what is your role in your project?
3.Interviewer asked how good you are in core java?
...Read More

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